OPENS AT 08:00

When coffee is good, every meeting is great. A cup of perfect coffee is the best company for every moment. A cafeteria where absolutely everything is ideal will become your number one zone at any time of the day. At this address, you will not rush to pay the bill and move on. At this address, you will want to stay at least twice as long as you planned each time.

The highest quality espresso is the main star. It is accompanied by a rich offer of coffee and various supplements, as well as a range of natural teas. There are also unreal cocktails. Stop! This is not just a haven for first-class drink lovers. Salty and sweet waffles with powerful ingredients, sandwiches, croissants and unreal desserts are a seriously good gastronomic reason to show up in an amazing ambiance every day.

The super modern interior follows the world trends, but above all insists on comfort. Each corner is created to become a favourite one right away. For a break from work, a break from obligations, for a relaxed end of the day. You will love this place at all times, every inch of it.