Boutique #2

After the opening of the first bar from this chain, a second one came to the market. With the responsible task of not being anything less quality than the first, it is clearly proven at the outset that the expectations are met. The pulse of the city center can be felt at any moment here. At the corner of Knez Mihailova and Kralja Petra Street, it is a place you simply cannot miss visiting. A certified recipe was applied and success could not be missed. A great atmosphere that is felt at the entrance to this place will motivate everyone to feel great. Food, music, drinks and ambiance - everything is at the highest level.

Attractive location is favourite for both the hosts of the city and numerous guests from all over the world. Many world languages are ​​spoken at tables, and this diversity creates a cosmopolitan atmosphere and a specific sense of entertainment. All the merits to endlessly creative bartenders, very fast waiters and cooks who do not allow repetition. The full range of beverages and food is always updated at the highest level. A place for all fans of central city events.