Edisan Pastry Shop



Back in 1995, Belgrade looked completely different. Since then, many things have changed. Something went missing from the city map. One place has been present all the time. A completely perfect pastry shop has been changing year after year. It has been improving recipe for the perfect day. Exclusively for the better. Just for you.

The sweetest dreams corner is at the same time a great bar. The range of drinks clearly says that everyone is welcome. Coffee enthusiasts are present all day long, every day. Freshly squeezed juices refresh both the youngest and the adults. Quality beer relaxes at the first sip. Cocktails are a special story. However, at this address, for more than two decades, one more important story has been told. A sweet fairy tale is an imperative when the Edisan Pastry Shop is mentioned.

Steva, Jovana, Olga, Ljubica, Suncica, Katja, Kalina, Ema and Ana are not the names of hard-working and always smiling members of the sweet crew. These are the names of the widely known cakes. They improve mood and bring big smile already at the first glance. In their ambiance or in your home, they are always ready for tasting. Ice cream and fruit cups are a continuation of the amazing gastronomy in the sweetest edition.

The recognizable traditional cakes have never let anyone down. They look absolutely modern and have the taste of old times. In the rhythm of good vibes, you get to completely new creations. One of them is a lime cheese cake. With homemade tropical aroma ice tea, you will have the feeling that you are enjoying on a distant beach, not in the city center. The continuation of exotic adventure is guaranteed every Thursday when salsa parties are held. Because hot rhythm knows no rules, closing is postponed until 01:00. Perfect!

Happiness workshop produces even cakes. Very big for the most important moments. And small ones for big surprises. Perfect to surprise the boss, dear person, her and him. But first, surprise yourself.