October 2019 in Belgrade. Since 1926, the hottest one. It is not the only news we will remember the tenth month of the year for. In the same place on the calendar, the capital was given an exclusive space. Much more than a modern bar. A far more complex story than a good nightclub. Ellington's Jazz Club is the name of an absolutely authentic entertainment.

Jazz lives in this ambiance. At its finest. The untouchable music genre shines at this address. The fabulous interior has a spirit that used to make people travel thousands of miles. Put down your suitcases. You no longer have to travel to America to listen to music for your soul. As of now, the best jazz is in town.

Expect your subtle hearing sense to absorb the perfect beat. Not just once, but every night because the music programme consists of well-know names. Identical selection also applies when it comes to food and drink. Modern kitchen follows the tune called Ellington's. Especially succulent meat pieces and creative meals with incredible aromas. Cocktails, premium drinks, selected drinks. Bartenders are not super talented people. They know better than you what will delight your palate.

It is over with listening to real hits online and going to a place to enjoy gastronomy. Everything, literally everything you did not even know was possible is located in Novi Beograd. Take your place quickly. Shrewdly, take the one closest to the stage. Let the wonders create unforgettable fun for you.