OPENS AT 08:00

Manhattan is the center of New York. The richest part, known for the cocktail of the same name, tall buildings, luxury and incredible crowds. Firstly, the Belgrade edition is closer. The famous cocktail is better than anywhere on the entire map of the world. Furthermore, the crowd here is not unbearable but perfect. There are no tall buildings, but the standards have never been higher. This is a bar where you have to come. At least once a day. Every day.

Bars and Belgrade have long been inextricably linked. Spending time in the metropolis without going to a good bar is unimaginable. Manhattan coffee bar is not good. It is superb! It is located right in the center of the city and has incredible energy. Absolutely worldly place where guests of all generations are welcome. From the youngest ones to those middle-aged - everyone will find reason to smile and come back.

First-class coffee, high-quality freshly squeezed juices, the best alcoholic beverages, spectacular cocktails, wines with well-known labels are just a part of a carefully designed offer. Buttery croissants and juicy sandwiches will wish you the best good morning. At any moment, there are desserts that improve the mood at the first bite. A completely relaxed evening with a glass of wine or beer accompanied by a range of cheeses or appetizers becomes an excellent night out.

The interior was designed to enthrall the senses of experienced hedonists. Time stops when you sit in comfortable armchairs. Surrounded by sophisticated tones, discreet details, served the most professionally possible, you will experience something that is rarely found. There is no more time to lose. Hurry to Manhattan!