Piazza del Caffe


OPENS AT 08:00

Oasis of coffee in attractive location, only 50 meters away from Slavija Square, is such that it will never get out of fashion. It cannot get out of fashion because absolutely every part of it is nothing but the first class. The interior fits perfectly in with the morning mood, a busy daily rhythm, hanging around and fun that only Belgrade at night can offer. At any time, for everyone.

The most important topic forever - coffee, at this address is treated as the queen of taste and all the cups. Chosen by professional staff, selected coffee blends are exactly what anyone wants when they order espresso at the bar and seldom gets it. Piazza del Caffe knows exactly what you want. That is why there are fans of the most popular black beverage gathering here every day. In addition to excellent espresso flavour, filter coffee, 100% Arabica, home-made coffee and all combinations of coffee drinks are available. And where there is a great coffee, perfect cakes are implied. A fusion that lifts the mood at the very beginning of a perfect session.

A unique cafeteria is large enough to be a home to high quality handmade juices, an endless range of cocktails and the finest alcoholic drinks. You will be delighted with a spectacular offer of drinks that makes each guest a happy guest. Whether you insist on staying in the garden during nice days, at the central tables inside the bar or in a discreet gallery that provides an idyllic view of the city, this is a bar in the center of Belgrade that is simply loved. Since the first meeting. Forever.