Pivnica Kraljica Marija


OPENS AT 14:00

A pub in the center, a cocktail bar, a place with great food, live music. Where to go out at the weekends is not an unanswered question. Activating hips to the fullest requires rest during the week at the same address because the food, drinks, atmosphere and interior are excellent. This and much more is called Kraljica Marija pub.

The rich offer of delicious food is the main reason for the crowd at lunch time. Kebabs on kajmak, sausages in many ways, salad meals and perfect specialties for fans of real portions are on offer every day. Munich's crispy ham, spicy pork ribs in bourbon sauce and spicy beef donuts with grilled onions are just a part of the impeccable offer that will make you schedule both business and private gatherings here.

Top-notch entertainment is guaranteed every day. Especially weekend parties when amazing bands are guests. The rhythm moves you so you take take a break only to get beer. The exceptional offer of your favourite drink leaves no one indifferent. There are many reasons to become a regular guest of the place where everyone feels better than ever.