Wurst Platz Bar


OPENS AT 09:00

Even when it is cold outside, it is hot here. While the city sleeps, there is a party here. Endless beer offer, great food, powerful live music, attractive interior. No boredom at this address. The vibe that will move you out of the comfort zone is certain.

World-style pub. A beer-house in Belgrade with no dissatisfied guests. Solid wood and a lot of creativity together bring a sense of comfort to the modern edition. Nothing was left to chance and everything was carefully crafted. You can come with a pet. Do not worry about your ride. Free parking is provided for all guests.

During the day, crowds are made by fans of exceptional foreign beers. The number of succulent sausage fans is right behind. The unique concept is of particular interest to visitors from outside the country. They are surprised every time by the perfect service and positive atmosphere, but homemade sarma or crispy pork ribs always put the smile on their faces. Quality specialties are also very photogenic. That is why it is not surprising that there are a lot of likes on social networks.

The night has a special magic. Every evening, famous musicians take turns. Popular bands are in charge of the fun to remember. Rock that is in the veins. Pop that keeps your hips moving. Go downtown right now. Relax in a unique way. Indulge in a really good urban story. All the senses will say thank you. And we want more! As soon as possible.