Dok'n'ritam 2017

The beginning of June brings second in a row Festival of Music Documentaries

Tuesday 30th of May 2017

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Culture center Studentski grad in Novi Beograd organizes the second Festival of Music Documentaries "Dok`n`Ritam" from 1st to 4th June. The programme will consist of documentaries by different authors and music genres, and this year, competitive part of the festival is divided into two parts - international and national selection. Regional young music star, Sara Renar will perform at the opening of the festival on the Summer stage on 1st June at 21:00. Her music genre is defined as alternative with a touch of pop and electronic sound while her authentic performance is well known throughout the region. Two more concerts have been announced.

On the first day of the festival, the audience will have the opportunity to watch regional premiere of film "Rumble: The Indians Who Rocked the World". Film "Eat That Question: Frank Zappa in His Own Words" about Frank Zappa, one of the most influential musicians from the second half of 20th century, will have its local premiere. The films that will be shown are: "No smoking in Sarajevo", "Neka je dan radostan", "Soul Train" and others from local and regional production. A very interesting project to be shown is "Najvazniji decko na svetu" about fans of Justin Bieber, as well as motion picture "Vanila Stop!", a story about people who disguise in famous comic and film heroes.

A special programme of the festival "Notabook" represents books about music and musicians. There will be presentations about Curt Cobain, Brus Springsteen and Doors, and a premiere of the newest biography of Prince is announced as well. Presentation of the unfinished documentaries will be shown in segment named "Work In Progress" and this is the most important part of the festival because it is dedicated to the affirmation and promotion of music documentary as a genre, especially when it comes to local production projects.

Interesting guests from music and film world will speak on the Festival "Dok`n`Ritam" and they expect as many visitors as possible and they announce a lot of topics to be discussed. The jury of second festival are promoter of music film Toni Saric, executive of the Festival of Rock Documentary DORF, artist Rambo Amadeus and director Milan Djordjevic who is one of the selectors of FEST.