Play Izlazenje

Theater play on the boat 20/44

Wednesday 31st of May 2017

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An auto ironic review of clubbing, growing up, electronic music and social suicide in Belgrade. The play was based on the novel by Barbi Markovic. Boat 20/44 is the venue where the play will take place on 1st June starting at 20:30. Ticket price is 600 dinars (RSD).

Characters from the play "Izlazenje" represent synthesis of misanthrope from a novel by Thomas Bernhard and residents of Belgrade who get bored by continuous repeating of the same life scenario. This is a modern story about going out, friendship, despair and spinning around. Move, dance, speech and music are integrated in a play that is always performed in a night bar or a club. Actors of this theater performance are Milica Stefanovic, Jelena Ilic and Irma Milovic.

"Izlazenje" is on the repertoire in the new theater season. The play was organized by troupe Teatarmaher with its members Milica Stefanovic, Marina Cetkovic and Marko Milosavljevic. Performing in alternative venues leaves a special impression on the viewers and represent a different kind of traditional artistic performance.

Boat 20/44 is a well known location to city clubbers, but also to foreign guests. Boat-based club that works throughout the year often organizes cultural happenings and supports young talents, besides great parties. British "The Guardian" put this place on the list of top 25 clubs in Europe. This is the boat that has the most beautiful view of Belgrade.