Belgrade Mignight Run

The organizers announce even more interesting content for this year`s edition of the night marathon that ends with a great party with question "How well do you know Belgrade?"

Sunday 16th of July 2017

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The second in a row night race organized by the Belgrade Urban Running Team is taking place on 22nd July, and everyone interested can apply in the Run'n'More store today, on 16th July. The start is scheduled for 22:00 and the entire event will last until 04:00. The idea of ​​the organizers is that midnight marathoners have great fun and meet Belgrade at night. A great mix of sports life and city entertainment.

The Belgrade Urban Running Team (BURT) promotes running as an integral part of life. The association is composed of professional runners and those who prefer running as a favorite form of recreation. A creatively conceived, healthy union invites all interested to join and run through the main city streets at night.

The start of the race is in front of Manjez Park on 23rd July at midnight. Participants are obliged to pick up starting numbers from 21:00 to 23:00 in Academy 28. This year there will be a total of 12 checkpoints distributed throughout the city center. The participant has the task to visit the five assigned checkpoints as soon as possible, and at each of them he will receive a bracelet. The winner is the marathoner who first gets to the goal with five bracelets. Participants independently determine the order they will follow and collect the bracelets and the route they will run. The shortest route (from start, over 5 check points to goal) for each combination is not shorter than 13km and not longer than 16km. All checkpoints are closed at 01:30, and the finish line must be reached before 02:00. Refreshment is provided for all night marathoners, at each point. As the streets will not be closed or adapted to the marathon, organizers invite all participants to comply with traffic regulations for their safety. After the midnight marathon, a big party will be organized.