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We continue in refreshing rhythm and bring to you the continuation of the story about the best ice cream in Belgrade

Sunday 16th of July 2017

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In the last text about ice cream we presented to you the iconic places for the best cold dessert in Belgrade. Now we are changing the direction and bringing you a list of the most modern ice cream places whose imperative is innovation, and the quality is an inevitable segment in the business.

Belgrade has long been offering more ice cream than a significant part of Italy, where it originated. A magical candy that raises the mood, removes fatigue and returns a smile on the face ... much can be written about ice cream. Every summer, an incredible range of flavours gives us happy dilemma - which one we will love and recommend to everyone. The impression is that fairy tale places, that mastered the highest quality ice cream, have opened "overnight". That full taste, always cold exactly as it should be. A modern era brought ice cream made from natural ingredients by recipes that are jealously guarded. It is difficult to list creative novelties, but it seems that black ice cream has taken the first place. Furthermore, ice-cream with bacon or pickled cucumber flavour is a real challenge even for those bravest ones who truly enjoy gastronomic experimentation. Carefully read the following lines and go get your ice cream!

Crna Ovca (Black Sheep)

One of the youngest pastry shops in Belgrade. Four friends gathered, integrated ideas and knowledge and won the customers with creative results in a short time. Production is based on Italian recipes, and the principle of work requires less sugar and more milk. Pure oasis of experiments in a relaxed ambiance. The fastest ones had the opportunity to taste ice cream with bacon flavour - opinions are divided and we will not deal with them, we suggest that you check for yourself. The offer is regularly updated but novelties like ice cream with kaymak flavour (a creamy dairy product), chocolate with honey, Baileys aroma, sesame and pistachio, definitely won the admirers of modern trends. Be sure to try ice cream made from walnuts.

I scream rolls

Thai ice cream in the center of Belgrade that brings innovation created by the highest quality ingredients. An interesting way of preparation that results in ice cream rolls, from the ingredients you have chosen yourself. Preparation of ice rolls is carried out on the spot on ice plots that accept all possible chocolate and fruit combinations. Absolute favorites are rolls made from Nutella, and mandatory recommendation is Mars or Snickers flavour.


The experience dates back to 1991, and everything has started from the opening of the pastry shop in Novi Sad. Active cooperation with Italian ice cream experts brought a lot of knowledge and great success. After 25 years of work, a craft pastry shop in Belgrade opened. A huge experience and original, yet healthy recipes adorn this ice cream that has "something" that sets it apart from others. The combination of tradition and innovation offers a wide range of flavors, from creamy vanilla and 100% of hazelnuts, through pear to wild cherries.