The Summer in Skadarlija 2017

The most famous bohemian quart in Belgrade celebrates summer its own traditional and witty way

Thursday 20th of July 2017

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The Belgrade Tourist Organization is the initiator of the Summer in Skadarlija manifestation, which started on 7th July and will last until the end of August. A programme of cultural and artistic character will be performed every Friday from 19:00 to 20:00. The plateau in front of the house of Djura Jaksic and the entire Skadarska Street are places where the spirit of old, good times will be revived. The programme is completely free.

The manifestation was opened by Branislav Nusic, Djura Jaksic and Zanka Stokic, who again walked down the bohemian quarter thanks to actors from Belgrade. The organizers have a goal to present the life in Skadarlija in the early 20th century in an authentic and fun way, through anecdotes, sketches and stories.

Actor Milan Milosavljevic interprets Branislav Nusic, Milan Tubic is entrusted with the character of Djura Jaksic while Dusica Novakovic received not so easy task to present Zanka Stokic. Skadarlija`s lady is actress Ljiljana Jaksic. Through the story and song, in a cheerful spirit, the actors will return the Skadarlija charm from the period between the two World Wars. The Skadarlija`s drummer will be Bojan Hlist who will read the codex of behavior in Skadarlija. Tambura orchestra is in charge of evergreen hits such as "Beogradski mali pijac" (Belgrade's small market) and "Tri metera somota" (Three meters of velvet).

At the same time with the start of the Summer in Skadarlija 2017 manifestation, the famous fountain in Skadarlija was renovated and put into operation. The works were completed before the deadline, and they were carried out by the project of architect Ugljesa Bogunovic from 1966. Works began in May and represent the first phase of the reconstruction of Skadarlija. The second phase is planned for September when the restoration of the cobblestones will begin, by installing an authentic park mobiliar that was designed by the above-mentioned architect, as well as the replacement of water pipes that have not been changed for years. 6.5 million dinars were spent for the renovation of the fountain, and the contractor was Zelenilo Beograd.