Serbian cuisine in Belgrade

Suggestion of the restaurants with an excellent offer of Serbian food and the longest tradition of existence

Sunday 20th of August 2017

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The oldest restaurants in Belgrade date from the beginning of the 19th century and have a proven recipe for the most delicious traditional specialties. Serbian cuisine is a brand, the reason why foreigners often visit the capital and are strenuously striving to order food without any errors of pronunciation. The development of the beginning of national cuisine was recorded during the reign of the Nemanjic dynasty. At that time, the food on the court was prepared in the beef stomach (gizzard) or in the birch bark, and the wine was obligatory for meals. The ordinary people had the opportunity to see their leader having lunch, and after, they could try the same food, and in this way the culture of nutrition was transferred to the lower social class. We present restaurants that nurture tradition, quality of the highest rank and typical Serbian hospitality.

Restaurant Znak pitanja (Question mark)

The oldest Belgrade tavern, which is much more than a good restaurant. In its long tradition of existence, the tavern has hosted numerous personalities from the world A list, as well as the most important representatives of Serbian culture, art and politics. It is a favorite place among foreign guests who want to get to know the local tradition. Each specialty is prepared according to the local recipe and has no adapting to modern trends. Prebranac (Serbian baked beans), tripe or lamb rolls with sour milk are perfect beginning for home specialties such as Sumadija's steak, Smederevo meat chop and, of course, Karadjordje's steak. It does not count that you visited this place unless you tried desserts like tufahije (dessert made of walnut-stuffed apples stewed in water with sugar), homemade dry pies, and others. Traditional restaurant with a welcoming atmosphere in a perfect location, close to the Cathedral Church.

Restaurant Dva jelena

Skadarlija, the most famous bohemian quarter in Belgrade, is a place that keeps the spirit, culture and customs of the past times. Among the numerous restaurants located here, the restaurant Dva jelena stands out, first, by its long existence, the second, by incredible tastes. The largest à la carte tavern with beautiful large gardens, excellent service and ambiance that cherishes casualness in an authentic way. Djura Jaksic, Zanka Stokic, Laza Kostic and Josip Broz Tito came here regularly, and the list of guests from foreign countries is really impressive. If you want to gladden yourself and your loved ones, as well as to show Belgrade in the best edition to foreign tourists, book a table and make sure to order something from a rich offer of barbecue specialties. Sweet corner, as the candy zone is called in the menu, will put off great plans for healthy eating for another day, and you will not even bother at all.

Restaurant Kovac

Very popular restaurant, ideal for a romantic dinner, a business meeting or a family lunch. Modern ethno dominates the interior, which stands for real comfort and enjoyment. Tradition since the last century has been preserved, cherished and transferred to future generations. Everything is at a high level - perfect service, relaxing atmosphere and unusual Serbian specialties. The lamb or veal under the bell literally melts in the mouth, and the specialties of the house are for every recommendation. Sarma (a dish of grape, cabbage, monk's rhubarb or chard leaves rolled around a filling usually based on minced meat), beans, goat meat in milk and much more are home-made dishes prepared according to old well-preserved recipes. Do not miss the meeting with cold pancakes or cremeschnitte - conquering forever. Quiet music of skilled tamboura orchestra completes a full experience while staying in this really quality restaurant.