Chocolate Festival 2017

The first event that promotes the sweetest gastronomic pleasure

Thursday 9th of November 2017

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Chocolate festival "Najlepse zelje" is organized from 11th to 13th November and the venue is Dorcol Platz. The entry is free for children under the age of 7 and for older boys and girls the ticket price is 100 RSD. Adults have to pay 200 RSD in order to attend this sweet show.

Chocolate has been an absolute favorite among desserts since its discovery. White, milk, black, filled with various ingredients, hazelnuts ... Endless variations and different tastes have a huge audience among all the inhabitants of the planet. The favorite sweet treat has finally got the manifestation it deserves - a unique chocolate festival.

Through a varied tasting, visitors will be introduced to the types of chocolate and its history. The famous city bartenders will prepare cocktails with chocolate and a special part is dedicated to combining this dessert with coffee and spirits. Jova Maljojkovic's band and the Intermezzo Quartet are in charge of the music programme. Dorcol Platz launches this event of a different concept and all chocolate lovers are invited. Considering that this place is focused on special events, related to art, gastronomy and popular activities, that have won a city audience for a short period of time - quality happening and great fun are expected.