Zeljko Joksimovic - Two worlds

The magic of swing music

Friday 24th of November 2017

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Zeljko Joksimovic and his band "Kapitalisti" will hold three concerts at the Sava Center on 1st, 8th, 21st and 28th December from 20:00. The "Two Worlds" project brings a special experience, and the repertoire is composed of evergreen songs of Serbian folk music, well-known local songs and great hits that made Zeljko famous but in a different arrangement.

The audience will have the opportunity to hear songs that marked the period when they appeared in the changed jazz edition. The list of songs consists of "Dva sveta" (Toma Zdravkovic), "Vlajna" (Predrag Zivkovic Tozovac), "Neko te ima nocas" (Van Gogh), "Ne kuni me, ne ruzi me majko" (Luis), "Suada" (Plavi orkestar) and many others like Zeljko's hits such as "Michelle", "Zaboravljas", "Nije ljubav stvar" and all those which he has won the population with.

The idea of ​​the project is to organize concerts before the New Year's Eve where quality music will be played. Jazz and swing melodies in the spirit of the festive mood were premiered to the audience in Belgrade last year. The reactions were above all expectations. Since then, the musical caravan has been travelling across the region and has been conquering concert halls.