Romantic dinner - February the 14th

You have an ideal partner. You have a surprise gift. Now you have a guide for where to go. With the wings of love, of course

Saturday 12th of February 2022

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Saint Tryphon. Valentine's Day. Patron saint. Protector of wine producers. Modern world fashion. It all stops in just one day - February the 14th. Gifts in red are worth much less than beautiful memories. Don't waste time on the dilemma of where to have a romantic dinner in Belgrade because you are reading the best suggestions, right now.

The reservation at the Langouste restaurant is a complete hit for guests of refined taste. Authentic cuisine that Michelin included in the restaurant's review. When Belgrade is the theme for Valentine's Day they will deliver a special romantic dinner. The Valentine's red menu is exactly what you are looking for if you want to win your partner's heart over, forever.

Love is hard to measure but it is not impossible. Special days require a special restaurants where a spectacle is served. Rodizio is very popular for its excellent meat specialties. For this occasion, focus on the unique offer from the gold category. A steak, tomahawk, or burger studded with gold is the perfect partner for that little box a man hides in his pocket during a romantic dinner. Finally a golden cappuccino and a golden souffle. The end of dinner follows however a new beginning in life begins after this dinner. Enjoy.

Romantic dinner at a special price, a large selection of wines, live tambourines. If this is your ideal scenario then Bahus Inn is the restaurant that you are looking for. Elegant with a homely atmosphere plus a view of the Danube. Wine can beat all the rules. If you too are seduced by it, you can stay in an apartment here. Since, for each booking of an apartment you get a bottle of wine for free. Let the magic guide you through the night. You will be delighted.