Belgrade lives on two rivers. The Danube and Sava separately have their innate beauty. Together, they create an incredible spectacle millions of tourists visit the Serbian capital for. As we have separate rivers, so we have a completely different night life in Belgrade. Club and tavern.

Clubs in Belgrade bring urban way of entertainment. Techno and house in different variations dominate nightlife. Domestic DJ follow trends and frequent guest appearances of the most popular foreign names from the electronic universe show how important Belgrade clubbing is on the world map. At first glance, clubs in Belgrade do not differ from clubs from other world cities. But while foreign club tables are located around the main "dance floor", in Belgrade, they are also located on it. Therefore, consider that you need a reservation, as well as meeting the "conditions" of booking a table, which mainly relates to the obligation to order a bottle of certain alcoholic beverage.

For the clubs schedule, refer to our party calendar.

Taverns have a completely different life. Taverns in Belgrade are tradition. They have always existed and never changed their music genre. Folk music is exclusively listened to. Taverns are smaller than clubs but the dance floor is the whole space. Often, even tables filled with drinks become space for dancing. When a favourite song comes along, then the party begins. Guests of the tavern do not hide emotions. They will hug a stranger, they will cry because the singer has "hit" them with the song, they will sing as loud as they can. The inevitable places of Serbian tradition have always had a large audience. Only the walls of the taverns know how many tears there were, unforgettable and unrequited love and happiness when the birth of a child was celebrated. In order to understand Serbs, you have to go to a tavern with them.

For the taverns schedule, refer to our taverns party calendar..