Crna Maca


OPENS AT 09:00

Relaxing good morning on the Sava River with a carefully designed range of breakfast options becomes a Novi Beograd's idyll. An unusual quality combination of stay near the magnificent river and perfect hospitality treatment becomes an inevitable address for daily relaxation, meeting with dear people and an ideal place for romantic evenings at the first encounter.

Crna Maca boat-based restaurant is known for its large capacity and top-level organization. Group gatherings, corporate events, private celebrations. Whatever you plan, contact the management. You will be delighted how much they are devoted to details, and their rich experience will make your event a memorable manifestation.

The interior is based on the natural beauty surrounding the popular boat-based restaurant. It was extremely important to ensure that every guest felt comfortable. The magnetically attractive fusion of warm tones is discreetly refined with details that make the ambiance perfect. When the spectacle of tastes enters the scene, the whole philosophy called Crna Maca becomes an unmistakably delicious story.

Fish specialties are the pride of the menu. Vegetarian cuisine is not a subtenant but an equal member of gastronomic arts at this location. Various appetizers, pasta, risotto and salad meals are such that you will be absolutely impressed. The "Main dishes" part consists of five exceptional representatives, as many as there are in the part dedicated to the traditional Serbian barbecue. Desserts are "the main culprit" for a smile at the end of gastronomic adventure. Every dish is enriched with long-time knowledge and listening to the wishes of guests. The combination of the best ingredients and hard-working people has the meal you deserve as a result. Ideal one.