Galaxy of original flavours. A bombastic explosion of satisfaction. An ambiance that does not need Photoshop. Harmony because of which people go for miles and miles without problem if necessary. A dream restaurant. Classy service like from a movie screen. A spectacle that does not know the familiar rules. House you will not want to leave. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to a unique place in Belgrade.

He is a magician. He is an artist. Nemanja Uzelac, proud chef. He put a personal signature on the menu. However, it is not enough for him to sign an attractive range of specialties. The creator of the most delicious book has found inspiration in the rich tradition. This was also not enough for him, so he brought the whole world to home court. Out of great love for cooking, incredible dedication to guests and an unrivaled talent, dishes such as Serbian Sushi and Sumadija salmon were created. The start of a gastronomic marathon without an end.

Who is visiting the city, and does not try homemade goulash (stew of meat and vegetables), tripe or smoked ribs in cabbage at this address, it is like he did not get a passport stamp. The Black Angus section is fierce competition to meat on the spit. The only winner in this hedonistic race is who succeeds in making a place in the stomach for meat baked in clay pot among live coals as well. Looking at the food offer will be much more fun with the choice from the Rakia Ice Bar collection. Try it.

The design chic and impeccable style are dominant in the entire interior. Strong colours, futuristic elements, solid wood. Every detail in place. You can be sure that you will talk about your coming to Dzumbus for days. If you allow yourself to completely relax and take the time for the charming Danube which runs next to the restaurant, you will experience pure magic.