Le Moliere


OPENS AT 09:00

Oh la la! It is time to discover the magic of French cuisine in the center of Belgrade. An authentic and desirable ambiance for every spare moment will relax you in a perfect way. Sophisticated details in perfect design are the perfect company for important dates. With the first warm days, the lavish garden becomes a place where there is room for all lovers of sophisticated specialties.

A trip to romantic Paris is absolutely passé. With goose liver pâté with honey and forest fruit, original French onion soup with baked cheese and Beef Bourguignon, you will not even notice that the Eiffel Tower is out of sight.

The charm of French bistros is your style but not the cuisine with the seductive French touch. You are still in the right place. Serbian specialties are prepared with equal care at Le Moliere Restaurant. Chicken a la Sumadija, Karadjordje's steak or pure beef kebabs with sounds of chansons have incredible taste.

The wine list is the pride of this restaurant. Selected labels from France, Italy and Serbia are at ideal temperatures. They are ready to fascinate experienced connoisseurs. With elegant dinnerware, it will become your favourite dose of enjoyment.