Welcome to a restaurant that prepares excellent specialties from far away China every day. A well-known local hospitality is served with each serving. From the first day of existence, the incredible combination has absolutely revived the Zemun Quay and its catering offer. The original taste of Cantonese Chinese cuisine have finally arrived in Belgrade.

The name came from the city of Canton, which is much better known as Guangzhou. Unique exotic aromas originate from the south of China and represent the most extensive aspect of Chinese cuisine. The main features are boiled fresh vegetables, quality meat and various sauces. You no longer have to travel to the other part of the world. A delicious oasis is available in the city.

The first-class edition of Chinese gastronomy will make you forget everything you have been eating so far, which has been labeled a la China. Already at the first bite, it will be clear to you that you are now discovering the real Asian magic.

Spring rolls, when handmade, have a completely different effect on appetite. The same scenario is when you want to taste stuffed mushrooms or some of the main dishes. Chicken with pineapple, beef on a hot plate, a mixture of fish and vegetables will improve your mood as soon as they get to you. Make a wise choice and do not forget to pay attention to a sweet selection.

Specially designed space will make time stop. The magnificent Danube which runs slowly right next to this great restaurant will enhance enjoyment. There is a place for everyone who strives for constant research and impeccable enjoyment. Take the road of an unforgettable story about perfect food and happy moments.