Ribolovacka prica



Fishermen are known for their not-so-true judgment about their catch. Their skills cannot be denied, but doubts about the weight of the fish caught are always a question. This is a restaurant where fishermen have the main role, but only when it comes to choosing fresh fish. Every other topic, every part of the amazing catering story is absolutely true. And incredibly pleasant.

The restaurants in Vracar can boast modern design and world-class flavours. However, they seldom have a relaxed, home-like atmosphere with completely homemade specialties. Ribolovacka prica is a place where a guest is a friend of the house, not a business associate. That is why families regularly celebrate the most important dates and little joys of everyday life. Family is the key to success and the essence of life, and if you come with loved ones, expect a discount on family lunch.

Selected seafood specialties keep the rich offer of fresh freshwater fish company. It is known that nothing enthralls the sense of taste as the Serbian cuisine and therefore it is particularly represented. Eternal lovers of grilled meat are also welcome. When the whole gastronomic impression is sweetened with homemade cherry pie and similar treats, staying at this address cannot be other than unforgettable.