Beoquest: Belgrade interactive game

Belgrade quest, game with extraordinary assignments

If you love to play games and explore – you will love this adventure. And if you want to learn something about Belgrade and Serbia along the way – you’ll love it even more!

Belgrade quest is game that will enable you to explore the city with brain teasers, enigmas, challenges… It looks like scavenger hunt – it’s map with various assignments that are not linked, so if you can’t solve something you can easily move on to the next assignment.

The only thing you need in order to participate is camera or mobile phone, but also creative energy, incisive mind, and cozy shoes. The quest’s objective is to gather answers on given assignments. In order to gather points, team has to crack enigmas, discover hidden details or do complete the challenge.

Logistics details:

  • Number of participants: from 2 to 8 in one team
  • Duration:  2 - 3 hours
  • Equipment: camera or mobile phone
  • Language: English or Serbian
  • The number of groups per quest is limited.

    Personalized Belgrade quest 

    Our game is so easily customizable so if you’re visiting Belgrade for your bachelor/bachelorette weekend or somebody is having a birthday we can personalize a quest for you. It also applies for families, groups with children or couples.

    Team bonding quest

    It’s the kind of activity where everyone can get involved and all the employees love to be a part of this. Team bonding quest in Belgrade is excellent activity for participants to get to know each other as well as they explore the city. You get 2 in 1!

    Get your employees out of the offices, show what Belgrade has to offer to your international partners, make a break at international conference… Make team bonding quest part of your team building event!