Zlatar Brandies

If you have visited Belgrade but not toasted with brandy, the visit does not count. Do not waste your time exploring. You better use it to enjoy yourself. Follow the steps that will take you to a life-changing cup carefully.

Experience says, the best brandy is home-made brandy. For genuine fans of traditional Serbian drink, there are only two types of brandy: good and even better. Simple theory is far different in practice. Everyone loves brandy. Both to drink and to make. Only a few know how to make the best, real brandy. They are the Popovic family and they make a brandy called Zlatar.

The wide range counts 31 different brandies. Divided into three categories, they are to everyone's taste. The entire empire of Serbian orchards adorns the line of fruit brandies. Special brandies exist in five different editions. The special magic is called Barrique brandies.

Tasting the whole offer is at Zlatar Restaurant. You can also buy your favourite brandy at the same location. Wood box gift packaging for dear people or classic one for personal collection. Make sure you buy more because no one rejects Zlatar brandy.

The long-formulated recipe was carefully kept. There are also essential little secrets. The infinite passion for brandy has been passed down from generation to generation in the Popovic family for decades. Exceptional quality was recognized not only by relatives and friends, but also by prestigious expert criticism at numerous national and international competitions. Zlatar brandies also have many medals. Brandies come to you straight from copper distiller boiler. 100% fruit. 100% happiness.