Duplex Apartment Happy

Extremely spacious two-level apartment. The first level is intended for daily activities and consists of a living room with spacious sofa, TV with cable television and kitchen with dining room. The upper level is reserved for rest and there is a bedroom that comes out onto the balcony and a bathroom with a shower. The architecture of the accommodation is focused on comfort and relaxation and the whole interior is made of natural coloured wood.

Complete interior brings a positive atmosphere. Each part of the space represents an excellent mix of modern styles with the right measure. Interesting colours and rich decoration are created with plenty of taste. At the same time, functionality remained at high level. You will equally enjoy while resting and planning the next day in Belgrade. When you are already at Banovo Brdo, make sure to visit Kosutnjak, Ada Ciganlija and other important locations that are only a few minutes away from you.