Banovo brdo

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Fascinated by this settlement, professor and diplomat Ban Matija filed an appeal to the Belgrade municipality to sell him land on a hill far outside Belgrade, to built a beautiful summer house in the Serbian style. The delegates decided to give him requested land as a gift, believing that this great patriot deserved it. Matija Ban was performing sensitive and confidiental tasks for the Serbian government and at the same time he was engaged in literature. After his name the whole place was initially called Banovac, and after his death in 1903 - Banovo brdo (Ban`s hill).

Long Pozeska Street connects Banovo brdo with the city center. It is the most important street in the whole hill. Pozeska Street is rich with the variety of contents. Cinema, two universities, kindergartens, Hippodrome, beautifully arranged parks and much more is in the heart of Ban's hill.