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Thursday 28th of September 2023

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The European Night of Researchers is scheduled for 29th and 30th September literally all over the city. Finally, science will be where it belongs - in every corner. Experiments, attractions, adventures, amazing activities, demonstrations and a lot of incredibly fun programs from the world of science will present and bring closer its importance and value. During the event, from 16:00 to 22:00, as many as 24 cities in Serbia will become scientific runways. A truly impressive program for all ages. This year's slogan is the Light of Science, and the goal is to show the fun face of science. Usce and Big Fashion shopping centers, schools, colleges, museums, SANU and other addresses will host a researcher's night that must be experienced live.

The musical meetings of Jesen na Cukarici (Autumn in Cukarica) are ongoing and will continue until 29th September. The Cukarica Cultural Center is the venue for a music festival in which quality rhythm is the main theme. The big stage is the exact location where Tanja Banjanin will perform on Thursday, 28th September. On the next, also the last day of the event, from 20:00, the students of the Vatroslav Lisinski School of Music traditionally perform. Entry is free.

The 10th jubilee International Saxophone Festival in Serbia, Belgrade Saxperience starts on the 28th and will last until the 30th of September. The celebratory concerts were prepared with special care because it is not a small thing to be pushing musical boundaries for a whole decade. A first-class journey through the musical galaxy is guaranteed at each of the three announced concerts. On Thursday, 28th September, the SANU gallery is reserved for a concert that will be marked by musicians Jan Gricar and Neza Bregar. On Friday, we go to Parobrod to relax the senses with Helix2: Nele Tiebout & Bart Van Beneden. The last day of September and the finale of the jubilee will be perfect - just the way Lukas Gabric plays in the Youth Center.

It is not the end of everything. Something great is about to begin. Recognize your star is the name of the 18th Festival Pozoriste Zvezdariste, which will be on the program from 29th September to 4th October. Vuk Theater is the host and performances and accompanying programs will also be held in the Dusko Radovic Small Theater, the Pinocchio Puppet Theater, the Pan Theater, the Astronomical Observatory and Library, and the Branko Miljkovic Gallery. The start of the great children's program begins on Friday, 29th September at 10:30 with the Star Carnival in front of the Vuk Theater, when preschoolers from Zvezdara will perform. A total of 11 performances will take place during the festival. Try to bring the indisputable adventure called theater as close as possible to the children and spend the first days of October as a family.