We discover: What to do in Belgrade when it is raining

There are numerous possibilities for quality spent day, you choose the best entertainment during bad rainy weather

Sunday 19th of November 2017

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Instead of having an established company, have a cup of coffee with Princess Ljubica. The brilliant monodrama "Na kafi kod kneginje Ljubice" (Coffee at Princess Ljubica's) presents a marital romance and numerous complications, problems from the time of Prince Milos Obrenovic and much more. The residence of Princess Ljubica Obrenovic in the city center is the address for coffee in a different manner.

Quality music is always the right choice. The winter club season in Belgrade abounds with great parties and guest appearances of famous performers. The concert repertoire is not lagging behind, on the contrary, this period brings us a number of world names on the Belgrade stage. If the rain discourages you, be your own DJ and invite the company, make a party and a light dinner on your own taste - you will surely have fun.

When was the last time you were in the theater? You do not have time, we know everything. For this activity you do not need company so the excuse "I do not have anyone to go with" falls into the water, or more precisely, rain. Whether you choose alternative or classical theaters, it is up to you, but definitely take time and enjoy the play.

The Book Fair in Belgrade is over and you must have bought new reading. Do not wait for the hot days on the beach - take a book into your hands, tuck into a soft blanket and let the rain fall as much as it wants. Do you prefer the seventh art? Now is the time for a film marathon. The premiere of the "Star Wars: The Last Jedi" is scheduled for 13th December and the rainy weather is a great excuse to distance yourself from the outside world and let yourself to film magic.

Walk. Unfortunately, you will not grow but you will throw out negative energy and clarify your thoughts. Introduce this as a new habit and appreciate the time taken for yourself. You can also invite a dear person to join you, the joint activity even more reinforces the relationship.

Going to the escape room is the most popular form of active entertainment in Belgrade and the whole world. A social game in which you have to solve tasks in 60 minutes, find a way out and discover great mysteries requires concentration, intelligence and team spirit. The challenge for the bravest takes place in separate rooms and you choose whether you want to visit "Kafana Jugoslavija", to become "Robin Hood and Voodoo Tales," to discover "Tesla's brilliant mind" or "Agent 00X" is what drives you. By activating the panic button you can interrupt the game at any time. In the center of the city there are two great zones of this kind of entertainment - EscapeMania and Adrenalin Escape Rooms.

Scientists have recently come to an incredible discovery. The topic of the research was how to avoid to get wet from the rain and they have discovered the following - run as fast as possible to the first shelter. Thanks to the new data, now many things are clearer to us. Joking aside, Franco Bocci, Italian physicist, claims that the answer depends on the shape and orientation of the moving body and on wind direction and intensity.