Where to have a romantic dinner

Summer evenings in Belgrade are the best ally for a romantic scenario

Friday 16th of August 2019

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Tanned complexion. Summer energy. The memories of the holiday are still very alive. He and she are the main actors in the emotional period of life.

Unless they are repeated frequently, happy moments can easily become topics from ancient times. Therefore, it is necessary to live them whenever possible. The capital is like made for a love idyll. Especially now when the summer is slowly coming to the platform called the happy end.

Where there is love, there is everything. Sometimes it takes a little motivation to take big steps. Rekindling passion is never out of fashion. A little bit of wine and great flavours will do wonders in romance, whether fresh or one that has lasted for decades.

The restaurants on the river and Belgrade are like yin and yang. The perfect match will take your relationship to the next level. It is important that you choose your favourite boat-based restaurant or restaurant right by the river and indulge in the uncompromising quality that brings you to the city.

Romantic restaurants are a guaranteed good choice. Some of them live to create emotional memories. They have something that cannot be described, but certainly can be felt in the air. Charm, elegance and classiness are mandatory ingredients of romantic specialties. Seasoned with discreet kindness, they become places where love gets an even more beautiful dimension.

It is debatable whether there is anything sweeter than love. Although, there is something that can always sweeten butterflies in your stomach and speed up the rhythm of your heart. Cakes! When you are not in the mood for a complete gastronomic delight, but you are for exchanging looks and words across the table, Belgrade's pastry shops are magical locations. Traditional or state-of-the-art cakes, it does not matter. The effect is mesmerizing.

Nature itself is fascinating. Naturally, outdoor restaurants have an authentic charm. There are not many of them, but they deserve standing ovations. It is not so simple to have everything a guest wants in a remote location. Just for you and your better half, they serve just about anything you can imagine because they know exactly what is wanted. At all times. A gentle breeze that ruffles your hair and skin and the very special atmosphere in these places you get for free.

True love does not measure. Neither counts zeros on the account. It knows neither about time nor any restrictions. The most expensive restaurants in the wrong company can be the ugliest places. In a sincere relationship, not having is not something to be ashamed of but an incentive for a better future. If paycheck is late, and often is, find a table for yourself plus one at affordable restaurants. It is always and forever the most important who you are with and then where you are.