Romantic dinner for 14th February

Love is officially celebrated tonight. It is important to toast with wine tonight. Tonight you have the opportunity to have an absolutely perfect time

Tuesday 14th of February 2023

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A pure heart celebrates love every day. Those who know how to enjoy themselves drink good wine regardless of the date on the calendar. However, tonight in special restaurants, a romantic dinner will be worth remembering, forever.

Restaurant and bar Izlog has prepared a regional spectacle. The living legend of local music, Nenad Knezevic Knez, will sing favorite love hits from 20:00. Decades of experience, great work and undisputed talent create magic from the first beat. Well-known specialties from this address along with selected wines will turn Tuesday evening into a memory that you will keep in your heart forever. Book your seat now, and show everyone how much you enjoyed yourself tomorrow.

Emotions that evoke the most beautiful memories, those created at the sea and in an exotic destination, are especially important. Restaurant Tata Mata Novi Beograd does exactly that every day. It has a beautiful plan for 14th February. A special set menu by the chef, wines that give butterflies in the stomach and acoustic music by Jasna and Kiza. Love lovers will be delighted because attention will be the center of attention. Bring the love of your life - girlfriend, wife, mother, best friend, best colleague, neighbor. The perfection called Tata Mata Novi Beograd is ready to brighten up your life.

A restaurant with a view of the very center, Karuzo, a well-known place wins hearts at any time. Whether you stopped by for a casual lunch, or you spent a long time preparing for a night out. There is no guest who did not leave this place with a big "wow" impression. For 14th February, they invited the Liga band for the best entertainment. Gastronomic hedonism with beautiful, carefully selected music starts at exactly 20:00. With a little help from great wine experts, find a label to your taste and enjoy a night full of magic.

"Rejoice, Tryphon, quick helper of all who come to you with faith and love!" are the famous words used to pay tribute to the one whose day the Serbian Orthodox Church celebrates today. St. Tryphon in Serbia is St. Patron of many families. Many associate it with wine, so today they drink it without a twinge of conscience. Cheers! The influence of world trends is reflected in the celebration of Saint Valentine - Valentine's Day, 14th February.