Restaurants and bars for the World Cup final

Argentina and France are the national teams playing in the final. Who will win is as important as the question of where to watch the football spectacle

Thursday 15th of December 2022

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The final of the World Cup in football is scheduled for 18th December at 16:00. All eyes will be on the events at the "Lusail Iconic" stadium. If you haven't found one of the 80,000 seats in the stadium, an excellent sports atmosphere is guaranteed in the Broker restaurant. Just as the architectural marvel built for the current championship is reserved for the best spectacle, magic is created in the New Belgrade oasis of hedonism.

While you watch the masterful Messi on one side and the brilliant Mbappé on the other, do not forget yourself. Perfect portions of Italian cuisine and the purest meat are the ideal choice for fan energy. Follow every second of the game from comfortable armchairs and chairs. Unlike the outcome of the match, which is still unknown, there are no secrets in Broker - the fun will be top-notch.

Venecija restaurant is a place that should not be missed during the football fever. On Sunday, during the finals, you will not observe the beauty of the Danube or the exclusive design of the restaurant. However, international specialties are such that cannot be compared even to the biggest sports competition. Listen to the advice of the waiter and start with the gastronomic overture, for which there is also an adequate selection of drinks. If your team does not show its best, you will not be disappointed because the staff of this restaurant and their offer win. Always.

Football fans are often in an inseparable relationship with beer. One place in town has many, many beers. Tramvaj is a pub that is regularly visited for a good time with music and beer. Due to the large loyal audience, on Sunday, 18th December, beer will be served along with the broadcast of the World Cup final. It will be unforgettable, as always. The kitchen will work regularly, do not worry about hunger. The city vibe and Qatar live are a combination that should not be missed.

If Novi Beograd (New Belgrade) is your area, and beer inevitable drink, Srpska kuca piva (Serbian house of beer) is your destination. It will be crowded, so look for a free seat first. Football is watched here on three TVs and there are 20 draft and 20 bottled beers on offer. The well-known pleasant atmosphere will turn the final match into a great memory. Let the best team win. Cheers.