The main role of a broker is to increase your profits. However, it is impossible to be happy and hungry. Brokers from New Belgrade are the only ones in the entire city to have a different special mission. Only they know how to increase gastronomic pleasure. The first and most important lesson is "Invest in hedonism". After mastering this step, all subsequent knowledge will show itself. Even the complex ones about finances. It is here that you will learn how to indulge in spectacular portions of food that come with premium wine. And much more.

Sophisticated interior. Massive comfortable pieces of furniture attract attention the moment you step into the restaurant. You can already see yourself preparing for an upcoming day with the perfect breakfast in your favorite corner. In the epicenter of what New Belgrade has to offer, this is a great location for private and business lunches. In a perfect abient, add a glass of good whiskey accompanied by a wide offer of cigars and you have yourself nothing less than ideal conditions for an evening stay.

While looking at the design that leaves you in awe, the real impressions flood in from picking up the menu. The menu presents the tastes of Italy in a different way. A great way. World-renowned and famous cuisine with a masterful chefs signature guarantees that you will forget about any other way of eating. Except for this one of course the one at Broker.

Breakfast comes in ten different forms. Seven magnificent appetizers. Soup or stew of the day for a completely healthy lunch. Ladies and gentlemen alike can barely resist the unavoidable salad meals. Pasta and risotto as the pinnacle of Italian flavour, as well as the unforgettable Mediterranean flavors, exactly ten pizzas are on offer. Likewise, if you want to indulge in quality flavour, with the help of a friendly staff member, pick a specialty for yourself from the meat and fish offer. Tuna steak, sea bass, or salmon are the meals necessary if you are fasting or just maintaining a healthy diet. They are waiting for you every day, all you have to do is show up.

Bocconcini pizzaiolo, steak, turkey scallops in cream sauce, a burger with 4 kinds of cheese, pork fillet, ribs in bourbon sauce, sausages, chicken Pizzaiolo with gnocchi, steak tagliata, and standard burger present the selection of meat. One has to admit, it is unmatched!

Fans of special restaurants in Belgrade, do not hesitate for a moment. The experienced brokers who have been "trading" since May of 2018 care about only one currency - complete satisfaction.