New Year Belgrade

Where to welcome the New Year 2024 in Belgrade

Saturday 2nd of December 2023

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New Year's Eve means only one thing for Belgrade - celebration at every step. The greatest party will conquer absolutely every human being because the capital of Serbia will become the world metropolis of festive fun. City squares are transformed into entertainment zones for all ages. The most important guests are the youngest, so most of the program will be dedicated to them. Where in the city Santa Claus is hiding, what the municipalities have prepared in their central locations, where there will be quality content and everything that Belgrade offers at any time, you can search for in the calendar of events.

Restaurants for New Year's Eve

Traditional farewell to the old and entering the new year in perfect style. Belgrade restaurants have long been undisputed when hedonism is the main theme in the holiday edition. The offer will also include a daily reception - matinee or evening version. A gastronomic spectacle because good food raises the mood. An endless range of drinks for the most beautiful toast. Entering the year 2024 lasts only one night, but in restaurants with live music, memories last a lifetime. When you are in doubt about where to spend New Year's Eve, let restaurants or bars be the first choice. Start immediately to solve the dilemma of which restaurant to choose, and then start preparing for the best reception in Belgrade ever.

Belgrade at night for New Year's Eve

Belgrade at night is fun that the whole world is familiar with. Belgrade at night is party. Belgrade at night has sleepless nights. Belgrade at night has a kind of people that do not live anywhere else. Belgrade at night is energy that cannot go unnoticed.

For special days in the calendar such as New Year's Eve, Belgrade turns into the epicenter of global clubbing at night. Ladies and gentlemen, if you have been good all year, it is your turn to treat yourself to a party that will be talked about for the next 365 days. The list of clubs is known, and the only unknown is which club you choose. True clubbing colored with a New Year's atmosphere attracts people from all over the world like a magnet so an announcement with options for New Year's Eve celebration and filling capacity at the speed of light will be launched soon. Be quick!

Bohemian life is always popular. Lovers of old folk and modern domestic music will have a hard time, but only until they choose which Belgrade tavern meets all New Year's demands and wishes. Popular for decades or more recently, it doesn't matter. For such occasions, crowds in every tavern are guaranteed. Follow the holiday news and choose the address from which you will toast to new days, new decisions and new smiles.

New Year's Eve Belgrade

The celebration at the Republic Square will certainly be a choice for many fellow citizens and guests of the city. The new center of city events - Belgrade Waterfront will also be another location for the outdoor celebration. If you are arriving in the city for the first time, the list of what to see in Belgrade will be filled to the last place. Free up your calendar of commitments and extend your stay in the capital until 13th January when the Serbian New Year is celebrated. You will have time to visit more sights and experience a spectacle for all senses.

December is here, the New Year is just around the corner. Prepare gifts, don't take your smile off your face and enjoy because the New Year's vibe has been awaited all year. Now it is here. Breathe in the holiday joy to the fullest and forget everything ugly that happened. Cheers!