The 21st Belgrade Dance Festival has started

This year's edition of the world-famous manifestation has as many as 18 events within the magnificent program

Sunday 10th of March 2024

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The Belgrade Dance Festival is ongoing and will last until 10th April. The Balkan Cinema was the address of the opening of the festival when the audience attended the spectacle called "The Unreachable Suspension Point". The continuation of the festival will take place at this and the following locations: Theater on Terazije, Bitef Theater, Yugoslav Drama Theater, National Theater, Dusko Radovic Theater, Zvezdara Theater and Atelje 212.

The international participants will bring an incredible sight to every stage they conquer, and the audience can expect only to be impressed.

Participants in the Belgrade Dance Festival are the GöteborgsOperans Danskompani, The Ballet of Toscan, Kidd Pivot, MM Contemporary Dance Company, Radim Vizvari, Bells and Spells, Company Hervé Koubi, Dewey Dell, Ballet of the National Theater, Komoco, Gravity & Other Myths, Ballet Wiesbaden, Michael Getman, Works, Sydney Dance Company, Yue Yin Company and National Dance Company Malta.

Through Belgrade, with the most beautiful ballet movements, artists from Grenoble, Gothenburg, Florence, Vancouver, Prague, Paris, New York, Cannes, Czech Republic, Adelaide, Wiesbaden, Tel Aviv, Belfast, Sydney, Shanghai, Valletta and, of course, Serbia will dance to the rhythm.

The slogan for this year carries strong symbolism - Impeccable differences. Contemporary music dance gathers more than 20,000 souls in the audience every year, and it is believed that the 2024 edition will push past boundaries. Expect an eruption of emotions, perfect organization and indisputable quality time spent on every program sensation. Right now, modern ballet dictates the rhythm of the city. Join now.