Exhibitions you must visit

The art program is heating up for a new era. One step away from the autumn artistic trends, catch the last breath of summer in a very attractive form

Friday 8th of September 2023

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There is still a little time left until the end of September. In the blink of an eye the story of October in Belgrade 2023 will begin. So hurry to the Sahat Tower where the Leonardo da Vinci Machine exhibition is being held until the last day of September. The interactive exhibition that travels through Europe has been in Belgrade since the beginning of the summer. What the prominent artist was occupied with and what remained behind him, broadcast in replicas is the backbone of this review. Briefly on offer live: Mona Lisa, Salvator Mundi, The Last Supper and The Lady with an Ermine from the domain of painting, and the artistic menu also includes a helicopter, a tank, a parachute and other exhibits.

Art, In Spite of Everything is the current exhibition at the Museum of African Art. Until 17th September, curator Aleksandra Gacic conducts and reveals a world that has stopped at someone's impact, a thorn in someone's side. That is why the title is like this. Therefore, come to learn about the synonyms for persistence and survival through the collection of the architect and honorary consul of Serbia in Rwanda, Ilija Gubic. The exhibition is made up of works by first-time artists - Lawrence "Shabu" Mwangi from Kenya, Hussein Salim from Sudan, Malangatana Valente Ngwenya from Mozambique, Collin Sekajugo, Dr Lilian Mary Nabulime and Bruno Sserunkuma from Uganda, Guy Karangwa Omega, Floride Mukabageni, Medard Bizimana, Strong Karakire, Benjamin Rusagara, Dusabe King Christian, Iirumva Isaac and Brave "Tangz" Rumariza from Rwanda. Each of them is directly or indirectly connected to the soil of Africa. Each of them shows the actualities of the hot African territory through their own artistic vision.

The Gallery of the Natural History Museum is the venue for the Nature and Language exhibition. Divided into five thematic units, it educates in a modern way, encourages ecological thinking and teaches everything everyone should know. Illustrations, exhibits from the large collection of the Museum of Natural History, cave bear and other fossils, snails and shells, fish, insects, reptiles, large mammals and herbarium material are available to all visitors. A great exclusive feature of the exhibition is the premiere exhibit of a female lion, a female bear, an arctic wolf, a white peacock, a swallow, a jackdaw and various insect species.

It is not an exhibition, but it is worth a visit. This coming weekend, Manak's cultural summer bids farewell to the 2023 season. For the last weekend, a large city manifestation of immeasurable importance organizes performances. On Friday, 8th September, from 20:30, the repertoire includes Stihovi na djumruku, Vece sa skolja, Poetsko vece dedicated to the works of Aleksa Santic. The verses are recited by Nenad Utjenisovic. Pozoristance na djumruku, Lovacke price and Teatar na djumruku will be realized on Saturday, 9th September from 19:00. The very next day, on 10th September and until 16th September, a continuation of this event under the name "Manak u gostima" is scheduled, and the host of the program is the Cukarica Cultural Center.