Museums for ten event from 15th May

The whole of Serbia in the rhythm of art and culture for four days

Saturday 13th of May 2023

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For the ninth time, numerous cultural institutions throughout the country are participating in a masterful event called "Museums for 10". This year, the program will be held in the period from 15th to 19th May with the slogan "Museums, sustainability and well-being". As always, everyone is welcome. As always, completely free.

In addition to the exhibitions, the program also includes rich accompanying content such as professional guidance, interactive workshops for children and adults, film screenings, lectures, plays, performances, book promotions, concerts and other activities for an ideal time spent in cultural institutions.

The complete list of participants for Belgrade is as follows:

- Grocka Culture Center

- Jewish Historical Museum

- Car museum

- Belgrade Military Museum

- Modern Gallery - Lazarevac Culture Center

- University of Belgrade, Faculty of Chemistry - The Great Serbian Chemists' Collection

- Museum of applied art

- PTT Museum

- National Museum in Belgrade

- Museum of Vuk and Dositej

- Zepter Museum

- Belgrade City Museum

- Collection of icons Sekulic

- Museum of Ivo Andric

- Monument to Stefan Nemanja

- Archaeological site of Belo Brdo in Vinca

- Museum of Paja Jovanovic

- Residence of Princess Ljubica

- Museum of Jovan Cvijic

- Gallery "Haos"

- SANU Science and Technology Gallery

- National Theater Museum

- Museum of Theater Art of Serbia

- Defense Media Center

- Gallery of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts

- Museum of Natural History in Belgrade

- The legacy of Petar Lubarda

- Petar Dobrovic Gallery

- Manak's house

- Palace of Serbia

- Historical Museum of Serbia

- the Residence of Prince Milos

- Children's Cultural Center Belgrade

- Yugoslav Cinematheque

- Sales gallery "Belgrade"

- Association of Fine Artists of Yugoslavia.

Exactly 36 locations and each will offer its best setting. This is the largest museum initiative in the country, authentic in the whole of Europe and represents a spectacular cultural and artistic event for which interest grows year by year.

It is with great reason that it is held in this period because it includes International Museum Day, European Night of Museums and National Museum Week. The National Committee of ICOM Serbia, under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia, is responsible for great time in museums throughout Serbia.

In addition to Belgrade, Novi Sad, Srem, Banat, Backa, Eastern Serbia, Central Serbia, Southern Serbia and Western Serbia also participate in the big and important event.