Exhibitions you have to visit

Timeless art, new stories about old events in Belgrade, the exhibitions that keep from the oblivion key moments. Yes, everything is available in museums

Sunday 26th of May 2019

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"Visionary Art Trip" is an international exhibition that is in the Russian House until 30th May. The works of artists from Russia and Serbia, focused on visionary and symbolic painting, are the content of the event that, in addition to presenting prominent works, aims to strengthen ties between nations. During the exhibition, there will be creative workshops on the programme.

The Belgrade City Museum will be the site of the big exhibition "Creation of modern Belgrade: from 1815 to 1964 from the collection of the Belgrade City Museum" until 2nd June. Angelina Bankovic and Zlata Vuksanovic Macura have been profoundly exploring the development of the metropolis. They divided the most important and infinitely interesting into three chronological units. A period of nearly 150 years is displayed through more than 400 exhibits. Plans, drawings, projects, documentation, illustrations and photos reveal how one village has been transformed into a magnificent city.

By coming to this exhibition you will find out where you really are. Not in a city that was created overnight, but in a place that has something to tell and show. You will realize that it is far better to get to know the past than spending time on things from the present that easily spoil the day. If you are attracted to ancient times more than everyday topics, be sure to visit the following exhibition. It is on the repertoire until 4th June.

The Residence of Princess Ljubica is reserved for the exhibition "Baroque Belgrade - Transformation 1717-1739". A short period of Austrian rule on the territory of the Serbian capital has left a significant architectural trail. This epoch, among other things, expressly eliminated the influence of Turkey and arranged the system of building and growth of the city. Projects, wardrobe, eating habits, religion orientation, military uniforms, weapons - everything evoking this period have been formed into a great exhibition by Nika Strugar and Vesna Bikic, PhD.