Where to go at the weekend

Parties on Friday, parties on Saturday. For those tireless ones, there are also parties on Sundays. Party, afterparty - everything is on the program

Wednesday 15th of September 2021

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A weekend without going out is not a weekend, but a completely ordinary day of the week. Staying at home while the city is bustling is totally out. On Friday, as soon as night falls, go and enjoy the city nightlife. A light warm-up should be in the area that is widely reported as a top location for partying.

Savamala has numerous possibilities. Industrija bar, Ben Akiba and Tranzit bar are leading representatives of night life. You will not make a mistake by choosing either of the clubs in this part of town. However, the best time will be if you manage to visit as many bars as possible. More music, more fun, more people. The most you can do for an unforgettable weekend.

Saturday is traditionally for big parties. One just like that is happening in Barutana. Kollektiv Turmstrasse is on tour on 18th September from 23:00. The legendary duo has been creating techno and house magic together for more than two decades. Nico and Christian are globally known for their specific sensibility for a great vibe. Especially when it comes to big parties like this one. Coeus and Dakissa play music on the same night at the same location. Attendance is mandatory, it goes without saying.

Those who are not tired of partying like this, they should go to the after party in the Half club. The Halfterhours party starts at 05:00 on Sunday. Ideal to break the clubbing mood.

Still not enough music? Perfect. Sunday on boat-based clubs like the Lasta is reserved for matinee. Look for a place in the shade, do not take off your sunglasses and sway to the rhythm of the city's popular party story.