Night programme for Saturday night

Completely different and absolutely unbelievable parties

Thursday 15th of August 2019

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August did reach halfway, but that does not mean nightlife is in the background. On the contrary, summer energy is in its prime. There is a lot of entertainment, and the only legitimate dilemma is what kind of Belgrade at night you prefer.

If you are among the audience that does not insist on mega clubbing and still does not want to miss Saturday Night Fever - go straight to the Tranzit Bar. Saturday in Savamala is the perfect idea for a party that starts without great expectations. And it very easily becomes an amazing night story. Relaxed and quality. This is exactly what is required when there is a need for casual entertainment in your schedule.

Seriously powerful clubbing is guaranteed at Ada Ciganlija on Saturday, 17th August. The forest path on the Makis side is the precise location of the big trance party. From 23:00 to 06:00, super strong sound system will broadcast international and local trance beat. The music stars are Outsiders, a duo from Israel. Domestic support is Tropical Bleyage, Milosh Reload, Daki and Kuzma. The main star under the stars is you. Do not let anyone steal your 15 minutes of trance fame.

Definitely, this Saturday in Belgrade is reserved for trance. Transcendental is the name of the party that will be held at the Mood boat-based club on 17th August from 21:00 to 05:00. From the introductory chill set, through the central programme to the final mix. It will all sound totally trance. Five DJs will take care of dancing on the river in this genre. They are Lydia, Nicholas Antony, Erik Iker, Vladimir Cyber ​​and Tarbuk. With their skills, they will make more than a good party.