Saturday Night Fever

Clubs in Belgrade and hot June nights have unbreakable bond. Their romance is unthinkable without audience that is a witness every weekend. This Saturday, numerous audiences will experience trance

Thursday 20th of June 2019

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The first club stop where staying is mandatory is the club Barutana. Saturday 22nd June from 23:00 to 06:00 is the period that will be marked by the music of Brazilian techno sensation. A DJ and producer, Anna, ahead of the start of the season in Ibiza, found time for the capital of Serbia. She is coming to make a spectacle at Kalemegdan. Still, one star is not enough for a crazy night. That is why Joma Maja, Nebs Jack and Roxa will perform together with her on the same evening.

The second zone of first-class entertainment for Saturday night is Tranzit. The world-famous part of the city - Savamala and the exotic garden of the popular bar will create a superb atmosphere. Daniel Cehranov will take care of the best fun and he will play songs for dancing and exchanging of good vibes on Saturday, 22nd June from 23:00 to 04:00. He has a special guest and he is a clarinet virtuoso, Nikola Djurica. Duo fantastico!

The third but no less attractive option for Belgrade at night on Saturday is Lasta - Gradski splav (city boat-based club). The well-known address of quality clubbing opens its doors at five minutes to midnight. Until 05:00, the well-known DJ duo will play the beat that gets under the skin. Dooshan and Collective have more experience than most of the audience at boat-based clubs have club experience. There is no way they will not shake your hips. It is up to you only to come to Lasta. Leave everything else to the experienced creators of good fun.