The royal compound is open to tourists again this year

On the tenth day of May, the 2023 season for visiting the spectacular historical and architectural building in Dedinje officially began

Friday 12th of May 2023

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Crown Prince Alexander and Princess Katherine have opened their palace where they will be welcoming visitors throughout the season with a moment of silence. And when they are not the hosts themselves, the exceptional organization will make an effort to make your stay in the royal chambers a great time to remember.

The Belgrade Tourist Organization organizes a two-hour tour every Saturday at 9:30 and 12:30. The purchased ticket includes bus transportation from Nikola Pasic Square. The maximum number of visitors in one tour is 30 people. Group visitors from schools, colleges and pensioners' associations can visit the compound every working day from 09:00 to 15:00 with advance notice at least seven to ten days in advance. The minimum number of visitors is ten, and the maximum is forty. During the tour, the Royal Palace, the White Palace, the Royal Chapel dedicated to the patron Saint of the Royal Family – St. Andrew the First Called and the Royal Park are visited.

Going back to the old days brings a touch of romance to the modern age and at the same time, enlightening historical lessons that everyone should learn. This is one of the favorite tourist tours in Belgrade's rich offer, so do not miss a different experience of the city.

"The Royal Complex is a special place, rich in history and my ancestors' legacy. And I wanted the people of Serbia and the world to be able to see and feel all this history and tradition that our family home has. It is very important that they are conveyed to our younger generation. If we are not proud of our glorious past, if we are not the ones who cherish it and inform others about it, nobody else would do it for us. Organized touristic tours are the best opportunity to see this beautiful place, get in touch with our glorious past, and learn something new," said Crown Prince Alexander.