Visiting the Royal Complex

Glamour and splendor of the royal buildings in the 15th jubilee season

Sunday 31st of March 2019

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The tourist visit to the Royal Complex for the 2019 season starts in the first days of April and will last until 31st October. Professionally guided tours in the Serbian language are organized every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. For visitors from abroad, tours in English will be available every Saturday and Sunday.

The opportunity to take a look at the Royal and White Palace, to discover the beauty of the Royal Chapel dedicated to Saint Apostle Andrew The First-Called, the Patron Saint of the Royal Family and the walk through the park should not be missed. When you are not a blue blood, be part of the royal story for almost three hours. If you are lucky, you will be able to drink coffee and take photographs with Crown Prince Alexander and Princess Katherine.

The history, arts and culture of the Serbian royal family, along with a pleasant welcome in noble institutions, have always attracted great attention. Undoubtedly, this is exactly how it will be this year when the unique tourist tour celebrates its first 15 years.

Before you go, be sure to be informed about the rules of conduct. In the Royal Complex is not allowed:

- presence without prior registration

- wearing a backpack and bulky luggage

- consumption of food and drinks

- wearing shorts in the Chapel

- taking photographs inside the palaces nor of the premises used by the military

- usage of selfie sticks

- parting from the tourist group

- smoking

- touching of exhibited artefacts nor sitting on chairs or other piece of furniture

- any kind of rude behavior.