She is the one - DJ Anna

At first glance, she is a mysterious lady. At first beat, it is absolutely clear that her musical arsenal dictates ultra-strong techno

Sunday 9th of June 2019

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For some Anna, for others Anna Miranda. An extremely valuable musical product with a label made in Brazil has been in Barcelona for a long time. Professional jury in Ibiza awarded her as the best new DJ in 2016. She thought it was the best she can do, and then her talent exploded and success came at high speed.

Techno she makes she releases for labels Kompakt, Domino, Turbo and NovaMute. She is equally dedicated to the author's work, remixes and famous songs covers. Everything that makes her performance fantastic is taken into consideration.

She thinks that everyone on the planet has his purpose. She found her at the age of 14. While she was coming to her father's nightclub, she was absorbing every moment. She knew that the job of the DJ was the only thing she wanted. She did not waste time. The teenager started practicing, exploring and discovering music. She has the identical dose of curiosity even today. That is why she is a favourite among colleagues. If Carl Cox, Solomun, Sven Väth, Chris Liebing, Richie Hawtin, Adam Beyer and others are happy to work with her, any criticism of her is superfluous.

Tomorrowland, Awakenings, Ultra Resistance Miami, Carl Cox Revolution in Space Ibiza club, Space Ibiza Closing, Solomon +1, Rex Club in Paris, DC10, Tobacco Dock in London, Rainbow Serpent Festival and Resistance at the Club Privilege Ibiza are just some of the iconic events where she was the guest.

She oozes Brazilian temperament from every pore and is transmitted to everybody on the dance floor at incredible speed. The song "Hidden Beauties" is her identity card she has won over the world with. It was four months at the top of the "Beatport" list. Mixmag rated it as the song of the year. Her appearances on The You Tube Channel record over two million views. The same success took place in 2016 with the song "Odd Concept", released by Diynamic.

She had to prove herself and show very seriously. Especially at the beginning, when she often performed for free. Coming from the hometown of Amparo to the nearest big one - São Paulo was an expense. She was only 17 when she started her professional engagement. Her mother often drove her and brother often helped because someone was supposed to carry heavy equipment. At the age of 20, she realized that she was on the right track. The audience made it clear that they "enjoy" her beats.

Her father's club "Six", where Anna made her first musical steps, was in Amparo. The club had several separate rooms with different music programmes. Every weekend, Anna, at the age of 14, played the local rhythm. She quickly discovered that music from the other room is much more attractive. Techno was played there. Her father did not allow her access because of her age. Child's curiosity did its own and whenever she had the chance, she sneaked out of her workplace and went to see what was happening in the other part of the club. She was listening to her father's records more and more, and the money earned from the performance was spent solely on the purchase of her own. She used her brother's studio where she has been practicing playing music for 10 hours a day. No one could stop her anymore. Techno became her passion and she lives for it..

Yes, maybe she was born to be a DJ. Uncompromising work and effort have however made it possible that the fate comes to life. She is recognizable by wearing black from head to toe and voluminous hair. Far more by precisely controlled, yet completely explosive techno. Anna is present and she has no intention of getting away.