A powerful rhythm for the end of the summer

For hot days, for sleepless nights. A little imagination, a little more good music and summer will never leave your calendar. Neither will the mood

Friday 18th of August 2023

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August is marching at full speed towards its end. There are still many days until the official end of summer, but as soon as September approaches, the feeling is not the same. Duties instead of lazing around, work instead of vacation, traffic jam instead of pool crowds. Yes, yes, you know that everything comes to an end, but you still care. However, there is a way to extend the summer vibe. Straight to the center - music! Turn up the following musical treats and you will forget about everything you want.

1. Ibiza Anthems DJ set live from Ibiza Rocks

The more you listen to these almost 50 minutes of great energy, the more you will feel like you are at sea. And not just anywhere but in magical Ibiza. Whether you have recently taken a dip in the world's clubber's favorite summer destination or not, the feeling of listening to this set is great. Each track is perfectly arranged, up to you is only to smile.

2. Dj Set Live From Monte Carlo

Hop on a musical ride from Ibiza to Monte Carlo because this is the kind of transportation you have been looking for for a long time. Like the location itself, the music is more stylish, less groovy. They share a spectacular atmosphere broadcast by world-class DJs. Thank you from the bottom of our heart for such sound delicacies. The more you listen, the more it becomes clear to you that your hips want exactly this mode of operation.

3. Carl Cox Epic House Set From DJ Mag HQ Ibiza

Finally, the king of music. Mr. Carl Cox creates timeless mixes. His masterpieces are a school for young artists, a cure for all problems, an ace up a sleeve for every party. This hour and a little over 30 minutes is a must in everyone's playlist. For work, for the car, for a trip to the sea, for vacation at home. An extraordinary pleasure that you will not stop repeating. Locate yourself where you want and enjoy with your whole body.