The rhythm of the new fall

The music of the new age for the current season promises that the fall of 2021 will be remembered for its very good sound

Thursday 7th of October 2021

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Famous names do not take a break. They have something to play and surprise the global audience again. You have something to listen to from morning until next morning. Thank us later, tidy your room or office now and get up to dance because the top 5 songs are starting right now.

1. Boris Brejcha - Twisted Reality

Dark colors, hidden faces, dark shots. Who cares about the video that perfectly fits the upcoming fall gloomy days with a song like this? With Boris there is no mistake either when it is hot or when it is cold.

2. Steve Aoki & Armin van Buuren - Music Means Love Forever

Two giants. Two DJ kings. Two gentlemen who gave the audience exactly what it desperately needed. Remember well and repeat as often as possible: Music means love forever, move unite dance together.

3. Roger Sanchez & Oliver Heldens - Another Chance

After the previous craziness, now a slightly lighter rhythm. A great song for a night with him/her. Super background music for everyday activities. Simple, but high quality. This is a song that cannot be missed in the playlist.

4. Sven Väth - Feiern

In the first seconds, the body registers something very good. And has every right to do so. No sudden transitions. No wow effects. Like a little black dress. Nothing spectacular. Always in demand.

5. Bingo Players & Zookëper - Do What You Like

Something cheerful for the end of the fall list. And very good. Top song while getting ready to go out. The ultimate musical background for celebrating a learned exam. This is a song which is ideal for any time and occasion. Play it loudly. Just put it on repeat and the smile on your face will not disappear.