The last March clubbing

Where to go out on Friday and Saturday and say goodbye to March in style

Thursday 30th of March 2023

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Let's set the dance floor on fire, let it be the motto of the parties coming this weekend. In the club Ben Akiba, it will not be a problem to dance until the morning because the music is played by great, experienced, fantastic, never the same DJs.

Ladies and gentlemen, the famous party venue invites you to a party on Friday 31st March starting at 22:00 with big names. Nebojsa Intruder and Munja know exactly what you want to listen to. That is what they will spin for you. The same location, the same energy promise super fun for the first night of April. DJs Malina and Lerdi Dajana will make you smile even without April Fools' jokes. For sure.

Hype Belgrade is a nightclub in the style of famous cosmopolitan addresses for going out. Maybe some other addresses have a more exclusive interior and popular world stars among the guests, but only Belgrade at night has a vibe that is talked about all over the world. A trap party has been prepared for the last Friday in March, and DJs Sara and Rokam will play from 23:00. Trap Friday calling, do not miss the call for top clubbing.

When you do not know where to go, the door of the Stefan Braun club is always open. A unique night is guaranteed if you are in the mood to exchange positive energy. On Fridays, house music is played, performances by... Completely irrelevant information! It is important that you come in the best possible company, although you will certainly meet great people here. On weekends, the parties start at midnight and last until five in the morning. The ninth floor is always ready. And you?