Where to go out to on Saturday

Music, music and even more good music dictates the rhythm of this amazing weekend

Thursday 22nd of August 2019

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Money boat-based club is a synonym for r'n'b. That world one. First-class sound is never lonely. Even better news - it is always accompanied with a top-notch atmosphere as a result of joint forces. On the one hand, it is a very good organization of fun, and on the other, there are always cheerful and very attractive guests. Whatever you have in mind for Saturday night, make sure you show up at this boat-based club. Briefly at least.

KC Grad has a super plan for Saturday Night Fever. At exactly 20:00, on 24th August, Jelena Stankovic, a DJ and producer Chorbika, is turning up the music. One lady, more than enough for top entertainment. She will play music until 04:00 in such a way that you will not take a smile off your face. Make sure you wear something comfortable as there are no hips that are immune to her beat. She has been performing in the country and region all summer and is now finally returning to her home. Totally ready to infect you with positive vibes.

Zappa barka is very respectful of the Saturday clubbing tradition. There is no compromise when it comes to a weekend adventure. It will be crazy & unforgettable on Saturday, 24th August from 22:00 to 05:00. It cannot be otherwise when DJs Bege Fank and BKO are guests. As powerful as possible. This duo guarantees dancing until the morning under the open sky in the perfect arrangement. You have to come and experience the music their way.