Where to go out to on first Saturday in July

A birthday, humanitarian and totally exotic party are on the repertoire. Do not choose, visit each of them

Wednesday 4th of July 2018

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KPTM Club welcomes July 2018 in a birthday mood. Five years of excellent clubbing is celebrated with famous parties with prominent DJs. On Saturday, 7th July, at 22:00, the birthday edition of the "Drumming" party starts. Five years of club existence and three years of party bring really good DnB. Codex, Mc Kastiljas, Kritik, Shonze, Little Miss Vandal and CPKC perform. After drum party, on Sunday, 8th July, from 05:00, DJ stage is taken over by the collective Happy People - Lale, Petar and Marko. Gifts are not required, but a positive mood is. Happy birthday to KPTM!

The Zappa Barka invites to the "Humanitarian Rap Matinee" which is organized on Saturday, 7th July from 16:00 to 22:00. A boy called Filip is only five years old and has a severe illness, and all income from the tickets is intended for the treatment of a little hero. C-Ya, Struka, Zhozi Zho, Voke 93FU, Smoke Mardeljano, Bvana from Laguna and Lider, Bigru and Paja Kratak, Grashoper, Bare moj and Sale Tru perform and support is DJ BKO. After the matinee, from 22:00 to 05:00, funky rhythm will be presented by Timbe and DJ Iron.

Boho bar is the place where F*** me in Heaven party is held - FMIH In Heaven. On the seventh day of July, from 22:00 until 03:00, music is played by Daniel Cehranov and Lilu. Nenad Mandic is in charge of warming up. Black wardrobe and red lipstick are desirable "dress code". Special entertainment on a very exotic location at Kalemegdan.