Where to go out for the weekend: parties on Friday

Come on, go out in town. Everyone is in clubs

Tuesday 20th of August 2019

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Friday, 23rd August will remain well remembered in the club memory. The reason, more than solid. The famous DJ and producer Kolsch is performing at the Barutana Club. The long-awaited guest is finally on the programme. From 23:00 to 06:00, with the powerful Dane, the audience will be entertained better than ever by two hosts. Now a world power - Ilija Djokovic and Nikola Mihailovic are musical support. So, on Friday night, all roads lead to Kalemegdan.

At Half Club, Friday is reserved for a special party. FTP Cojkana will promote debut audio. It is named "Skrrrt Kobejn" and deserves the greatest attention. In addition to the star of the evening, XOXO Rade, Yan Dusk, Sprajt Rajm and Hari Kvoter will also present themselves. The super team starts at exactly 23:00. Listening to the top rhythm will last until 04:00.

A weekend in the summer is unthinkable without a boat-based club party. The Tag boat-based club prepared a major music event for the penultimate Friday in August. Only for fans of modern music trends, Raf Camora is coming to Belgrade. The show starts at 23:45 and lasts until 04:30.

Born in Vienna, he lives in Berlin. His music is a resident of the entire planet. The emphasis in his creation is always on the lyrics. Always live because emotions are the center of his creation. The millions of views of music signed by Raf Camora are one more reason to come to the popular boat-based club and experience different entertainment.